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INSIGHT Surgery Center

PRESS RELEASE: EEF and Boling Vision Center Bring Mobile Eye Exams & Glasses to Elkhart Students

Elkhart Education Foundation & Boling Vision Center Launch Kindness to Prevent Blindness Program EEF and Boling Vision Center Bring Mobile Eye Exams to Elkhart Students – First of Its Kind of Partnership Elkhart, September 20, 2018:  Seeing isn’t just believing, it’s also learning. Good eyesight is closely tied to success in education, yet an estimated one in four… Read More

Online Optical Shop

Boling Vision Center proudly presents … Optique Eyewear Boling Vision Center recognized the importance of having an onsite optical center with a complete line of eyewear, giving us the opportunity to assist any patient that walks through our doors. This is precisely why Boling Vision Center launched Optique Eyewear. All Boling Vision Center Opticians are… Read More

My first eye exam at Boling Vision Center!

Hello! My name is Maddi Jackowiak and I am the new Business Development Intern and I will be spending my summer here, around the office and community learning more about business and some of the amazing service lines we have here at BVC. I’m a first-time writer here; and I couldn’t be more excited to,… Read More

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a very common eye condition that impacts most adults. The condition causes your eyes to lose the ability to change focus and see objects that are close up. If you have to stretch your arms out in order to read a book or your phone, you may have presbyopia. This condition typically becomes… Read More

Does LASIK Hurt?

LASIK eye surgery is a very popular procedure in part because it is patient-friendly in many ways. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes for both eyes, and the healing process begins immediately with little to no discomfort. Another perk is that it doesn’t take long to start seeing positive results, and getting back to… Read More

How Long Does Cataract Surgery Take?

Cataract surgery is a procedure used to treat cataracts where changes in the lens of the eye cause cloudy, blurry or misty vision. The lens is the crystalline structure that sits just behind your pupil, which is the black circle in the center of your eye. Cataracts occur when changes in the lens of the… Read More

Vision Conditions LASIK Corrects

LASIK laser vision correction in Elkhart with Dr. Boling could be the path to better vision for you. LASIK not only improves your vision; it improves your quality of life. There are four general vision conditions that LASIK corrects. Myopia: Myopia is also called nearsightedness and is a condition where you can see objects close-up… Read More

LASIK Alternatives

Although LASIK has greatly improved the vision of tens of thousands of patients, it’s not the best option for everyone. There are several LASIK alternatives to consider if you are interested in vision correction and are not a good candidate for the LASIK procedure. Because Dr. Boling in Elkhart is committed to providing the best… Read More

Dry Eye and LASIK

Dry eyes are no fun: They itch, sting and tear up. They’re a possible side effect of LASIK eye surgery, but usually they clear up within the first year of recovery. It is important when considering LASIK that you understand the possibility of experiencing dry eyes after your procedure. If you suffer from dry eye… Read More