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What are Cataracts?

Cloudy Vision Related to Age

Closeup of a Cataract in the Eye

Cataracts occur when there are buildups of protein in the natural lens of your eye, making vision appear cloudy or hazy over time. As cataracts worsen, your vision will decline and colors may seem less vibrant, which may adversely affect your day-to-day activities and overall lifestyle. Cataracts are a common vision condition that happens to most people over age 60.

Symptoms of Cataracts

  • Vision appears cloudy, blurry, foggy or filmy
  • Dulled color vision, colors no longer appear bright or crisp
  • Problems driving at night, such as glare from oncoming headlights
  • Problems with glare during the day
  • Double vision
  • Dramatic changes in glasses prescription

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Chart Showing a Cataract in the Eye

Risk Factors for Cataracts

Although cataracts affect almost all people over the age of 60, there are some other factors that can increase your risk of developing cataracts prematurely. These factors include:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Air pollution
  • Heavy alcohol consumption

Types of Cataracts

  • Age-related cataracts: Develops as a natural result of aging
  • Congenital cataracts: Present in babies due to infection, injury or developmental issues prior to birth or developed during childhood
  • Secondary cataracts: Develops as a result of other medical conditions, like diabetes, exposure to toxic substances, certain drugs, ultraviolet light or radiation
  • Traumatic cataracts: Forms after an injury to the eye

Regular vision checkups at Boling Vision Center in Elkhart, Goshen, Notre Dame or South Bend will be sure to identify any issues before they become problematic.

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