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My first eye exam at Boling Vision Center!

Hello! My name is Maddi Jackowiak and I am the new Business Development Intern and I will be spending my summer here, around the office and community learning more about business and some of the amazing service lines we have here at BVC. I’m a first-time writer here; and I couldn’t be more excited to, not only be a part of such a wonderful team, but to tell you about some of the breathtaking things that happen here each and every day!

As part of my first week here, I had the opportunity to experience a full eye exam with Dr. Polhamus. I knew that participating in the entire Boling patient experience would help me to better connect with our incredible guests; so becoming a guest myself was the best option. And let me tell you, it was well worth it. I was treated with great respect by the technicians who made sure I understood each measurement, motion, and result throughout the exam.

Not only were the technicians and Dr. Polhamus easy to work with, but I really enjoyed learning about the technology used during the exam. I had never seen such cutting-edge equipment before! When they checked my glasses prescription, they didn’t just ask me the usual, “Was option one… or two better” questions. The technician sat me down in front of a machine, told me to watch the red light, and this machine was able to map out my eyes. Once it was over, I was given the chance to see my actual lenses sculpted out on the computer screen. Who knew eyes were so cool?

I can honestly say that I never expected to actually enjoy an eye exam; but Boling Vision Center is like nothing I had ever experienced. The genuine staff was compassionate and excited to work with me from the beginning of my exam to the end. My first eye exam was amazing, to say the least, and I would recommend their exceptional services to anyone.

Maddi Jackowiak, 7/31/18

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