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Monthly Archives: October 2016

LASIK Consultation

The first step in having LASIK in Elkhart is scheduling a consultation, during which Dr. Boling will evaluate your candidacy for laser eye surgery. After a thorough discussion and a non-invasive eye exam, Dr. Boling will be able to determine if LASIK is right for you. Your doctor can then recommend the best approach for the procedure based… Read More

Are Cataracts Noticeable?

Many patients who find out they have cataracts in Elkhart are completely surprised by the diagnosis. This is because cataracts are not typically visible to the human eye until they reach an advanced stage. Rather than showing up as a physical change in your eyes, in the early stages of cataracts you will gradually begin to… Read More

LASIK Surgery Recovery Time

The vast majority of patients see very well after LASIK surgery and are happy with their vision. LASIK recovery is often minimal and very little time passes between surgery and when patients achieve very clear vision. In Elkhart, Dr. Boling is dedicated to helping all patients achieve optimal vision and LASIK can be a great option… Read More

Questions to Ask a LASIK Surgeon

If you are considering LASIK, it is important to discuss the benefits and risks that could result from correcting vision with surgery rather than eyeglasses or contact lenses. Each LASIK candidate has a unique set of general and eye health circumstances and lifestyle goals that need to be carefully assessed with their surgeon before electing… Read More