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Boling Vision Center is proud to introduce the Diopsys NOVA Vision Evoked Potential Test

This new technology will be used for the early detection of serious eye conditions such as glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and diabetic retinopathy. This test will be able to tell if toxic medications such as plaquenil and methotrexate are damaging your retina long before visual consequences occur. This testing procedure will also be able to diagnose amblyopia on children 6 months and older.

The Diopsys NOVA VEP Test measures the amount of electrical activity that occurs in your eye when stimulated. When light enters the eye, it is converted into electrical signals at the retina and is transmitted to the brain for interpretation by the optic nerve. The Diopsys NOVA VEP Test measures how strong the signal sent to your brain is and how fast it arrives from the eyes to the brain. This is an efficient method in determining how your eyes communicate with your brain.

Unlike a lot of other visual tests, this is easy to do and results are measured objectively. Our technician will simply clean your skin of oils and creams and attach sensory pads to your forehead, temple and to the back of your head. The test itself consists of a series of black and white patterns that will seem to flip around on the screen. Your role as a patient is simply looking at the pattern until the test is finished.

While actual testing time is 5 minutes, plan on the entire set up and test to take up to 30 minutes. While you probably won’t see your doctor on the same visit, your tests will be forwarded to him or her and your results will be discussed at your next appointment.