KAMRA Procedure

How the KAMRA™ Inlay Works

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Dr. Richard Boling, II helps restore close up vision by inserting the KAMRA Inlay into the cornea of your non-dominant eye. The inlay is thinner and smaller than a contact lens. It is shaped like a ring with a pinhole in the center, allowing light entering the eye to focus properly for clear up-close and distance vision.

The surgical process takes about 20 minutes. Most patients only feel slight pressure during the procedure.

KAMRA Recovery

Recovery from the KAMRA inlay procedure is quick; most patients can return to normal activities around South Bend within 24-48 hours. Some patients will experience temporary side effects, but vision improvement typically becomes noticeable within a week after treatment. Dr. Boling, II helps patients set realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure.

Find Out if the KAMRA Inlay is Right for You

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