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What Does The KAMRA Inlay Look Like?

The KAMRA inlay is an opaque micro-disk with a pinhole opening in the center. It is smaller and thinner than a contact lens.

Can You Feel Or See The KAMRA Inlay In Your Eye?

No. The inlay is very thin and is carefully placed within the first few layers of your cornea (the outer part of your eye). You will not be able to remove it like a contact lens and you will not feel it or see it. But you should experience the great vision results!

How Does The KAMRA Inlay Correct Close Up Vision?

When placed into your non-dominant eye, the inlay allows focused light to enter through the pinhole opening so your eye can more easily focus on up-close objects.

Will Distance Vision Be Affected?

No. Your vision distance will remain the same as it was prior to having the KAMRA inlay inserted. If you had clear distance vision before, that vision will not be affected. However, if you are naturally nearsighted (have the refractive error of myopia), it may be beneficial to have LASIK vision correction in your dominant eye as well so you can achieve clear vision at all distances.

Does The KAMRA Inlay Procedure Hurt?

No. Most patients only report a feeling of pressure during the procedure but it is not typically described as painful. We provide numbing eye drops to make the procedure comfortable. The procedure takes around 20 minutes to perform.

Are The Results Of The KAMRA Inlay Immediate?

Most patients will experience improved vision within 24-48 hours. It may take several months to achieve your best vision. Most patients are able to return to work and normal activities within a day or two.

What Are The Risks Of A KAMRA Inlay?

As with any medical procedure, there are certain risks with the KAMRA inlay. Side effects may include dry eye, glare, haloes or sensitivity. We will discuss the potential risks in depth during your Consultation.

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