Optique Eyewear

When it’s time to choose your glasses, contacts or sunglasses, visit our convenient Optique Eyewear department in South Bend, Elkhart or Goshen. All Boling Vision Center opticians are nationally trained and certified through the American Board of Opticianry to fit, dispense and guide patients toward the frames and lenses that are ideal for your individual prescription and budget.

This commitment to education and experience is highly uncommon in the state of Indiana, due to the non-licensed status allowing individuals and companies with no experience, supervision or certification to make and dispense glasses to the public.

We are proud to say that Boling Vision Center has over 70 years of combined optical experience, allowing us to serve our patient population with confidence and expertise!

Optique Eyewear – Virtual Tour

A Consumer Reports study of 30,000 people indicates that patients are more satisfied and receive better pricing from private eye practitioners than from optical chain stores.

Benefits of Optique Eyewear

  • 1 to 2-year manufacturers’ warranty
  • Replacement of nose pads and adjustments to glasses at no additional charge for the life of the glasses (no appointment necessary)
  • Free cleaning cloths
  • Value line of glasses
  • Financing options: Wells Fargo Health Advantage credit card allows you to buy now and pay over time
  • Top-of-the-line products
  • Super competitive prices
  • Guarantee of accuracy for your prescription

Premium Lens Options

  • Transitions – Photochromic Lenses
  • Crizal – Anti-reflective & Non-Scratch Lens Coating
  • Office Shamir Computer Lenses
  • Polycarbonate Lenses
  • High-Index Lenses
  • Knife Edge – Thinning process for high prescription lenses
  • Roll & Polish – Minimizes sharp edges of lenses & helps to reduce lens thickness
  • Prism Correction
  • Polarization
 – Eliminates glare and provides high definition sun wear vision
  • Fashion Tinting
  • Customized Sunglasses

Contact Our Optical Department Today

If you have any questions about our Optique Eyewear department, call (800) 283-8393.

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