BOTOX® Cosmetic

FDA-approved BOTOX Cosmetic is the most popular treatment for fine lines and wrinkles with no recovery time! BOTOX Cosmetic is offered at our Elkhart, Goshen and South Bend locations to treat areas such as:

  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Paper-like crinkles under the eyes

How BOTOX Cosmetic Works

Botulinum toxin, or BOTOX, works by weakening or relaxing the muscles of facial expression. Once the resting tone of the treated muscle is weakened, the pull of the muscle relaxes and the overlying skin flattens.

Very small amounts of BOTOX Cosmetic are injected into the muscles using a very tiny needle. Depending on the areas being treated, 2-4 needle pricks (or more) may be required. Discomfort is minimal and lasts only a few minutes.

BOTOX Cosmetic Results

Results are seen within 1-2 days following the injection and the full effect of the BOTOX Cosmetic injection is noted after 2 weeks. Re-injection is necessary typically between 4-6 months.

Risks & Side Effects of BOTOX Cosmetic

Complications are rare but may include paralysis of a nearby muscle resulting in its temporary loss of function (e.g., drooping eyelid). For this reason, you should make sure that the person performing the injections understands eye and facial anatomy.

Occasionally, the tiny needle may puncture a small blood vessel during the injection and a small black and blue area may develop. Such an area can last 5-10 days and requires makeup to cover.

There are no known generalized side effects to BOTOX Cosmetic. If any of the Botulism toxin reaches a facial muscle not being treated, partial weakness of that muscle may last for several months. (It is for this reason that you are requested not to massage the injected areas for 12 hours following injection.) In the event of an area of unwanted muscle weakness, the only “treatment” is to wait for the effect of the toxin to wear off.

Find Out if BOTOX is Right for You

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